Credits: Musicals

Untold Stories of Vancouver Trilogy

Bill is the composer and musical director of the Untold Stories of Vancouver Trilogy produced by Theatre in the Raw.

Bruce the Musical


Working with playwright and former journalist, Bob Sarti, Bill co-composed the music to Bruce the Musical with Earle Peache in 2008. ‘Bruce’ is an original two-act musical drama about the life of the late legendary Vancouver Downtown Eastside activist Bruce Eriksen.

“…the music by Bill Sample and Earle Peach is excellent…”  – The Georgia Straight

Yippies in Love


In 2011, Bob and Bill wrote Yippies in Love – a second two-act musical chronicling the tumultuous days of the late ’60s early ’70s as seen from the perspective of Vancouver based Yippie activists and their various conflicts with different kinds of authority.

“Far from being a nostalgic trip back to the heyday of Vancouver activism, Yippies in Love is an empowering recognition that, since the question of who should live in our city is still very much on the table, creativity and diversity are still the best tactics to assert our place.”  – Megaphone Magazine

Raymur Mothers 


In their third and final musical collaboration, Bill and Bob brought to life the important story of the Raymur Mothers.  The story follows single mothers in the Raymur Place Social Housing Project who won’t take no for an answer from local politicians and a railway company. In the end they are successful in having a pedestrian overpass built over railroad tracks in order for their children to get safely to school.

“Featuring songs by Bill Sample, the production digs into the real-life struggles of the women, including what it meant to live on a budget of just $2 a day.”  – The Vancouver Sun

The Raymur Mothers was awarded Outstanding New Work in 2014 by the Ovation Awards.
Bill Sample – music, Bob Sarti – book & lyrics.

More Reviews

Bruce–The Musical pays tribute to activist Bruce Eriksen
The Georgia Straight | November 13, 2008 | By Colin Thomas

“…the music by Bill Sample and Earle Peach is excellent, and ranges all the way from a lovely spiritual, “The Tipping Point”, to the Chinese-inflected “Gold Mountain”.

Bruce inspires more than community – Eriksen the subject of a new stage musical

The Province | November 6, 2008 | by Tom Harrison

“The Musical was written by Vancouver Sun journalist, Bob Sarti, with songs initially penned by folk musician Earl Peach. It was then that veteran jazz and blues pianist Bill Sample became involved.”

Bruce: The Musical – Rebel lives on in Heart of the City Festival
Vancouver Sun | October 29, 2008

“He’s really great,” says Sarti of Sample. “So patient, so professional, it’s been a real thrill. Standing around a piano, trying to make a line work – I’ve seen it happen in movies but never thought it would happen to me.”

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